The self-laminating label for all your child care needs!

The self-laminating label for all your child care needs!
Testimonials about Whoozems Self-Laminating Child Care Labels.

What people are saying about Whoozems Self-Laminating Labels!

“What a time saver. Our daycare center requires that all bottles and food be labeled. My husband used to be tasked every night of placing masking tape on our child's baby bottles.” - Debbie M.

“I bought these to try on baby bottles for my second baby. I had labels on these same bottles with my first child and had to constantly replace them due to the bottle warmer and dishwasher turning the labels brown or peeling them off the bottles. These new labels have been thru the dishwasher numerous times and the bottle warmer too with absolutely NO ill effects! I used a sharpie to write on them and have had NO running/seeping ink. They show NO water damage, heat damage, peeling, etc. They are awesome! I plan to buy more and use them on everything that I need to label for my little guy! I highly recommend these labels!” - R & C's Mommy

“Simple and easy to you. If you are a mother of daycare children this is the easiest product I have found yet to label bottles. One size fits all! They have come through the dishwasher a bunch of times and still look perfect. Wish I found these a year ago!” - Donna H.

“My wife was telling me how she hated another product she had bought that did not fit the bottles that well. This product seemed pretty straight forward. Just got these the other day and amazing how happy it made her. They work great! Already run them through the dishwasher a few times and still look perfect. Best part is the bonus points I won by finding this product.” - David T.

“We have been messing around with paper and tape and stretch bands that did not fit our bottles. What else can you say but these work perfect. Only need to apply a label once and they stay on great through the dishwasher. Life is much easier in the morning before heading to daycare now. Highly recommend these.” - Jen Sanchez

“What else can you say but a perfect fit for my needs. Labels are easy to use. We have washed our son's sippy cups numerous times and labels stay on great. Shipping of these was really fast also. Would recommend to any Mom!” - Ginny L.