The self-laminating label for all your child care needs!

The self-laminating label for all your child care needs!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: How do I apply Whoozems Child Care Labels?

A.: First lift up the lamination flap, write your child’s name on the label, remove the backing on the laminate flap and seal down over the name. The writing is now protected. Peel off the label and apply to whatever you are trying to label.

Q.: Do I have to re-label the bottle each time?

A.: No. Whoozems labels are a semi-permanent label that hold up through dishwashers and microwaves. One label should last you until you decide to remove it.

Q.: Can I use the labels on items other than bottles?

A.: The Whoozem labels come with a pretty strong tack to them. They can be used for a variety of purposes from sippy cups to tool boxes in your garage.

Q.: Why should I label my bottles?

A.: Most daycares require that every item brought in have the child’s name easily identifiable. Whoozems labels are a great alternative to other stickers, tapes, plastic bands that are used on items. Simply label the item once and you are done!

Q.: What is your return policy?

A.: View our policy page.